We AI-m to please

Using our advanced and accurate matching solution we want to bring talent acquisition into the 21st century by providing companies a brand- new approach to Sourcing, combining the power of NLP, Machine learning and AI.


NLP | Ready, Set, GO!

Sourcing and screening hundreds of resumes to fill a single position is the single most time-consuming and tedious part of a recruiter workflow.
Our Natural Language Processing analyze and understand every written word on a resume, factor and process all the information given and provide you with a concise compatibility score.

MACHINE LEARNING | Analyze & Utilize

Our technology analyses all resumes formats, considering contextual search of unstructured data like candidate’s skills, education, relevant experience and more - to allow a throughout professional and unbiased comparison.
With the use of AI, our system utilizes our database and yours and provides a quick and precise matching solution.

Matching Magic

This is where the magic happens. By using our in-house super-secret matching formula, utilizing some of the most advanced technologies out there and using hundreds of data points - our solutions successfully predict and highlight who will be the best match for your company in a matter of seconds - every time. 

Our own virtual sorting hat

Our product tackles millions of potential candidates, analyzes, matches, and automatically sorts - prioritizing candidates' compatibility based on YOUR needs and requirements for each role.
The sorting process provides a clear and concise short-list of the best candidates, allows you to contact candidates and move forward with recruitment faster and easier than ever before.


Every company has its own preferences. To help you discover the candidates best suited for you, we use your specifications, preferences and requirements to create customized filters for any new position in the company. Shortlist the candidates according to your preferences and discover the best matches for your specific needs.​

Optimization is key

With our layers of analytics, we transform your business growth and bottom-line revenues.
We collect and process your data in order to learn, gain practical insights and help propel your organization to the next level, turning your company into a data-driven, efficient success story.